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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rep. Ryan doesn't seem to get it [and perhaps not even care]!

So you may have noticed, but it's getting harder and harder to not be called a liberal. Even for those in the middle. It's also becoming harder and harder to say you're a conservative with out being branded an extremists.

Sen. Ryan is making sure of that for you. Today, the Senate is voting on his 'budget proposal' for 2012. This is a proposal that would endanger MediCare as we know it. It would attempt to curb spending on the backs of those who need our safety net. It doesn't curb spending or out of control deficit by cutting tax loop holes that tend to favour the rich and powerful. It doesn't cut subsidies [usually in the form of tax exemptions] to Big Oil companies [who make $Billions ... but seem to need pampered by our government.] nor does it make the rich pay their fair share.

Somehow, I can't see how this is moral. I know I'm not the only one. I do believe the budget should be more balanced, we need to curb spending and the deficit. But on the backs of those in need is not the way it should be done. That, is simply Immoral! No other way to put it.

When other Republican's are chastised for speaking out against the Ryan budget proposal [Gingrich was] then it's a sure sing that not only is the proposal off base, but that the party is out for power and wishes to control their members with an iron fist [same goes for when any other party does that!]

So what can be done? We've already seen a staunch Republican congressional district go to a Democrat in a special election. First time in over 100 years. Make no mistakes, that should show you that the general public doesn't want to balance the budget on the backs of those in need. So one thing we can do, is vote! Vote those who pamper the rich and powerful out!

Another thing? Speak up ... be heard! If we don't speak up, then nobody will hear us and nothing will change. Use Twitter , Facebook , MySpace , LinkedIn , Google Buzz , Email , Txt Msg's just speak up!

Finally, write congress. This is the United States of America. The worlds largest, freest Democracy. We have the right [and a duty] to contact our Senators and Congressional Representatives and tell them what we think. So do it already ...

Below the stars is a copy of a letter I sent to Senator Paul Ryan. I used a form on Faithful America's website. [ ]

Use it as a template or write you own. Just do something!

Mr. Ryan~
Have a heart. You claim some moral high ground in this fight. You are errant in that claim though.

It is nothing but IMMORAL to balance the budget on the backs of those who need help, all the while giving those that don't need help a free pass.

If you were honestly concerned about balancing the budget, bringing down our debt and controlling spending, ALL of which NEED done, you would seek to eliminate tax loop holes that favour the rich, powerful and corp.'s.

You'd demand Big Oil and Big business to pay their fair share. You'd demand the rich pay their fair share.

None of these actions are being done by you though. Which leads me to believe you don't care for anyone but yourself and the rich.

Be a real man, be a real believer [in God and in America] and stop your madeness!
~Rev. J Marin