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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Republican Extremists/Tea Party Theology vs. Real Christian Theology 1. Taxes are evil – Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser [Jesus replied with that quote when some asked about paying taxes to Ceaser. Clearly the meaning is taxes are both acceptable and need to be paid!] 2. Every man/woman/child for themselves – We must share each others burden[s]. 3. If someone needs help, they're on their own – When someone rejoices, rejoice with them likewise when someone cries, cry with them. 4. Regulation of any sector by the government is evil – Jesus championed fair business practices, and it's logical to believe that He would find fair regulation acceptable! 5. Government Assistance is a 'socialist conspiracy' – Jesus said 'give to those in need' , He didn't say only private citizens should, he said everyone should! 6. We answer to nobody – Jesus taught us to hold each other accountable. 7. The government should answer to the church – history shows this is a bad idea, Christ Himself never directly said it is BUT He did speak strongly against the Pharisees and Sadducees both of which mixed religion and politics. 8. Dissent/Opposition should be silenced – Christ listened to all, regardless if they accepted Him as The Messiah! 9. Government should make laws based on religious beliefs – Christ was against the Pharisees and Sadducees who did that, He'd be against it today! * Our Constitution also forbids this. 10. All truly religious believers are conservative – Jesus was anything but conservative, in fact, His teachings were quite liberal! 11. Republican's are the true political party representing Christianity – Christ kept religion and politics separate, and He claimed no political titles or positions like parties. Clearly the Extremist Republican's and Tea Party members have twisted religion to their own ends. All the while they cry out against some so called Muslim's like Bin Laden, Al-Alawi and Allatoya Komeini. That means that the Republican Extremists and the Tea Partiers are hypocrites and no better then the ones they claim to want to protect us from! ~Reverend J [Non Denominational, Independent Christian Minister]