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What we Believe

 What We Believe:


What someone believes can be a complex statement, more so for a group. With that in mind, we'll try to summarize What We Believe here at Solid Rock Christian Ministries. As time goes on we will add more specifics on the main points of Belief as well as more to 'support' them, but only as a means of clarifying the belief itself. (Ok so that was a complex way to say basically the belief will not be changed, we will just add more to explain it and back it up!)

If you're familiar with Christian beliefs at all, there's a good chance you're familiar with the Nicene Creed then. We Do accept that creed as the foundation for what we believe, yet to conserve space, and simplify this (for now) we will simply reference the Creed and add an 'executive summary' that we feel covers the basis of the Creed.

So with that, below you will find the overview of 
What We Believe:

~The Nicene Creed *executive summary*
          1. God created ALL things
          2. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son [Jesus Christ], Holy Spirit)
          3. Salvation is through Christ Jesus, The Messiah, ALONE 
          (Through faith)
          4. Their is One Body of Christ (His Church)
          5. Christ Jesus died, was buried and rose again in Bodily form.

~The Church is One Body, The Body of Christ. The Church is made up of those who believe in their heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord (Of course to truly 'believe in your heart...' you would have to accept the fact that Jesus Christ died for YOUR sin [as well as mine] and that believing that is the ONLY way to be forgiven!)

~We should do our best to meet the spiritual needs of those around us. (Encouraging one another in Christ)

~We should do our best to meet the social needs of those around us. (Love your neighbor as yourself. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Give a 'cup of water' in His Name etc.)

~Every single person deserves to be Respected! Every person deserves to be treated equally (not communism, but more like equal opportunity, not giving preference for trivial things etc. Money shouldn't determine how well your treated, but it is fair to give a job to a more well qualified individual. There is a fine line.) Period, exclamation point, end of the sentence. No 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts'. 

~We should do our best to work with others! (We're one body, some are 'the hands' some are 'the feet' etc. We can accomplish more together then we can apart.)

~Our 'ultimate goals' should be 
          a) to lead people to Christ
          b) grow closer to Christ
          c)help others grow closer to Christ, and 
          d)be an example of Christ to the unbelievers.

~The Bible is
          c)The Word of God

~The Bible can be translated into our contemporary language. After all Christ spoke in the contemporary language of His day, so did the early church fathers (the Apostles and the generation following them). (There are limits to this though, the translation MUST be done properly, by someone trained in ancient language[s] and from authentic texts [a good example: the 'textus replicus' from which both the original 'King James Version' and the 'New King James Versions' we're translated from. Another example would be the Dead Sea Scrolls])

~We should do our best to live according to Christ's Teaching[s] (there IS a difference between Christ's teachings and man's teachings. Even in the Bible you will sometimes see phrases such as 'I would' as opposed to something like 'Christ said' or 'Christ would'. Man's teachings do have a place and can help us in our walk....but they must not supplant or supersede what Christ taught. If they do the should be ignored....after all, we follow Christ, HE is our Lord, not man!)

~We can pray directly to God. We can bring my thoughts, my problems etc directly to Him. We can confess my sins directly to Him and directly seek His forgiveness. We do not need a 'priest' to pray or intercede on our behalf (although the more prayer the better right?!? We're just trying to emphasis that this is a PERSONAL relationship. You have DIRECT access to God thanks to the Sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the Cross for your sins!)