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Friday, February 25, 2011

WBC Does NOT Represent True, Biblical Christianity!

That's the link to a live interview between a wbc lady (west burrow baptist ... not sure if she's an official spokesperson or just a member) and a supposed member of the hacktivist group anonymous.

what struck me while watching this, and the reason i buzzed this, is how 'polite' (read RUDE) the lady from wbc is. she kept interrupting (maybe she got that from bill o'riely )

this supposed 'spokeswoman for God' is NOT in any way showing a true Biblical faith. She instead is making Christians look horrible.

I'm not touching on the stunt that anon pulled ... that's not the point of this buzz. my point is, how can people like wbc members actually think they are speaking for God? How can true, honest, Biblical Christians allow them to continue to spew their hate and blatant disregard for living peaceably among all men? Isn't it long past the time we stand up and say 'enough is enough'?

again I say, to all those who are not Christians, please ... don't judge us by the wbc extremists. That is NOT what we (Christian's) are really about. We really serve a God who LOVES, who's Patience and Mercy rules how He interacts with us. We really serve a God who allows us free choice and we really serve a God who is Real!

~Rev. J

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