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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I will NOT be motivated by...

I'm a Christian, not motivated by fear...not motivated by politics....not motivated by publicity stunts or extremist actions.

As a Christian, as a minister, as an America...i whole heartily CONDEMN a public qo'ran burning.

It's not that i have any respect for the qo'ran, not even as a literary work. I feel disorganized and well, I'll just leave it at that. I am not a muslim, I do NOT support islam [but I do respect everyone's rights!]

The idea of a public 'qo'ran burning' is makes me sick. It saddens me to my core. If someone disagrees with the teachings, burn it in as not to start a fire storm.

Does this embody the teaching 'Love your neighbor as you Love yourself' ? [NO] Does this embody the teaching 'If at all possible, Live PEACEABLY among ALL men]? [NO] Is this showing the Love of Our Saviour? [NO] Is this teaching Forgiveness? [NO] Will this draw the lost to Christ? [Most likely NOT].

So then why do it? Why put our troops [in a muslim country] at risk? Why put our values at risk [American Values and Christian Values]? For publicity? Is that what Christ would do? 'Do to others as you would have them do to YOU' So do this and then cry foul when they do the same?

I would rather further the Gospel....I publicly condemn this stunt, as well as the fear mongers staging rallies that make a mockery of civil rights and shout absurdities about leaders. At the same time, I will defend their rights to ignore my rights. Sad huh? NO? Not sad of me...sad of them!

Get mad at me, cry foul, say I'm not in tune with God....say what you will as you have that right! But I have a right to stand up to those motivated by fear and extremism...I have a right to stand up and say....'For God so loved THE WORLD, the He GAVE His only Son, that who so ever believes in HIM would be saved'

Love will cast out all fear....Love is what saves the lost....NOT FEAR!
~Rev J

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