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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patriots Day 2010

Hey All~
So this may seem odd...but I want to wish everyone the best Patriots day possible.

For those who are lost...Patriots day is the newly formed holiday now observed on Sept. 11. It was named, of course, in honor of all those patriots who died in the terrorist attacks on our Great Nation!

We had almost 3000 lives lost that day. But while the terrorists thought they could stamp out capitalism, the west and Christianity...they were wrong. These colors DON'T RUN!

They only strengthened our resolve. To root out extremism, to make the world a safe place, for people of all faiths, of all nationalities, all across the political spectrum.

President Bush was right in going after al-quidea. President Obama has stepped up the game deploying more troops and technological resources to the efforts. Our troops are committed to our safety and the honor of our Nation!

So on this Patriots Day 2010, 9 years after we were attacked...take a moment to Thank God for His Blessings upon our nation. To thank those who serve: the military, the public safety officials [law enforcement and firefighters], emergency responders [ambulance, emt's, communications operators] our leaders [from city counsels all the way to our President ] ministers and other civic leaders.

May we never forget the lessons learned on 9/11/01!
May we ALWAYS HONOR those who fell and those who serve!
May Freedom forever reign in our Great Nation!

God Bless us all...God Keep us all!
~Rev. Jason Marin

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