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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why so Skeptical?

Hey everyone~
So it's been a while since I posted I know, but now that the holiday's are past I can catch up and start posting again!

So here we go ... this is simply a question. One to hopefully make you think.

Why are we Christian's, a people of faith so skeptical? Don't get me wrong ... I DO believe in everything the Bible teaches. But for many, some or many of the precepts put forth in the Bible seem far fetched.

In fact, isn't faith in and of itself believing in something WITHOUT physical proof? Isn't it accepting something before seeing it?

So then why, after accepting Christ, after accepting so much on faith, do we turn around and view the world thru such a skeptical lens?

Why do we doubt someone's faith without ever having meet them? Why do we doubt someone's sincerity without having meet them? Why do we look at so much so pessimistically?

Is it really the world view Christ would want? Is it really Christ-like? Is it Biblical?

Let's all challenge ourselves NOT to be like 'doubting' Tomass ...let's instead take more things on good faith. We would probably be utterly surprised at how much better we'd feel ... and how many more people might listen to us!

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